Thursday, November 26, 2015

Stewards of the Land: THE FOREST AND THE EVERGREENS ARE COMING TO TAKE ME BACK - "The King of Trees" - Cat Stevens

Hollow Oak 1974
Growing up in a world where "being an idealist" was somehow questionable, it was refreshing to find that there were perspectives that included ideals, magic, and love.
Our land in the mountains of Maine, amidst the history and lore of forgotten communities, had a power and spirit, perhaps borne of the families that worked there before, or better still inherent in the very soil and nature of the place.
It was Thomas Jefferson who put forth the notion that we should live as stewards to the land rather that feel that ownership gave us the license to do whatever we wanted.
That respect put me in my place and even guided my actions where this land was concerned. I adopted the phrase "Earth Way" because of the natural laws it implied. I learned to take my signals from nature and not try to impose the will of man.
When the White Man came to this land, the Native Americans must have thought we were pretty silly. Our concepts of ownership made us fools who thought they could buy the land or claim it in any way. But if we wanted to pay them  for it, who were they to point out our folly? 500 years later we are reaping the rewards of our shortsightedness and greed.
This single tree embodied a philosophy that was not lost on me. With a hole in it large enough to climb inside, it lent me it's power and embraced my children.  On this Thanksgiving I thank Mother Earth for her selfless nurturing, in spite of my faults.