Thursday, November 5, 2015

1: On My Way

1974 Carthage Maine
Over 40 years ago I moved to Maine from Pawling, New York. There were a lot of factors in my choosing Maine to live.  I was looking for a large parcel of land where I could build a homestead, from the ground up and raise a family.  The quality of available land and the price lead me to start in the Adirondacks and after exploring Vermont and New Hampshire, I finally found the place I was looking for in the small town of Carthage in Franklin County, right here in Maine.
With some close friends and my partner at the time, we bought 100 acres of an overgrown farm. There was about 80 years of growth, and I proceeded to carve out a homestead, meant to be self sufficient, and a place to find safety in an increasingly insecure world. Building that homestead gave me the skills to survive should the events of the time suddenly leave us without the resources we had all become so accustomed to.
What was meant to be an introduction is rapidly growing into the story I intend to unfold over many blogs, the telling of which will hopefully reveal what makes Maine the best place to be.